Gifts you'd love to give... and receive!




 Especially for You specializes  in  creating  beautifully  packaged  gifts  you'd  feel  good  about  giving... and  receiving!

We take great care in making each gift basket by paying close attention to detail.  


We produce a deluxe and ever-expanding range of meticulously selected gift hampers and boxes to match every occasion. 


Our classic gift hampers are presented exquisitely and adorned with a hand-tied ribbon which can be personalised with the gift message of your choice. 





Shhh...It's a secret for men only...

She doesn't have to know. 

What are in the baskets and packages designed by

Especially for You?

Just about anything you would like to see.  Anything that would make your recipient feel special.  Typical items include:

  • luxury candles - full or medium size 
  • wine - non alcoholic available
  • premium chocolates
  • gourmet snacks - biscuits, smoked salmon, nuts
  • plush towels
  • power banks
  • deluxe diffusers
  • coffee, teas and/or cocoa
  • select bath and body products
  • oil - for skin, hair, and nails
  • premium journals
  • professional pens (biro)
  • scarves
  • and so much more

We've also incorporated items such as Pandora bracelets, specific champagne, and special photos to add that extra 'Umph' to the package.  We invite you to let us know what special 'Umph' you would like to add for your recipient.